Experienced teachers are role models who assist the participants in gaining control over their inner selves and letting go of old patterns of behavior as they embark on self-mastery. In contrast to seeing themselves in a stereotyped and hyped image, the opportunity is given to learn from an elder or from their inner source of truth. Great satisfaction comes from striving for noble goals without competition or basing one’s self-worth on material “success.”

The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program offers its resident participants a structured environment, built upon a schedule of shared daily activities in an EcoVillage living environment with regular prayer and community worship. All of the services provided to the participants are designed to encourage a more responsible, virtuous life and include:  psycho-social assessment, counseling, life-skills training, educational tutoring or classes, vocational training apprenticeships, and artistic, musical, theatrical, and dance activities. Participants do not use or possess intoxicating substances or tobacco products during the length of enrollment in the program.

Within the community home where the resident participant resides, a household coordinator and religious order members provide coordinated sources of support and companionship. The participant’s daily interactions and individually-designed program foster a sense of usefulness and a growing recognition of and personal relationship with God.

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