The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Teens and Adults located in Tubac, Arizona serves people from diverse backgrounds. Many of the participants have been socially disappointed or have been unable to conform to the injustice of Western society. Many on the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program who have been through tragic divorces, loss of loved ones, and/or other childhood traumas that affect their emotional and psychospiritual life are unable to get a proper education or acquire skills.

Our Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program is likened to no other rehabilitation established to date.  Our approach to aiding an individual is recognizing, first, what the addictions/patterns are, and then designing a method for changing those habits.  A program is written specifically for each individual, with great care and consideration, by a team of qualified professionals who work toward the goal of recovery.  Like any other program, however, the success rate is wholly dependent on the intentions, co-operation and hard work of the person who is seeking such a change.  There is a tremendous effort by both parties to meet this goal. 

The key element in any program is healing the soul.  What sets the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program apart from any other program is having the ability to receive information about the soul patterns and the lifetimes of information that will allow a person to discover on a much deeper level those things preventing them from actualizing a destiny purpose and thus healing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies as they follow suit.

Faith, trust, and the attitude of gratitude are necessary elements of our work.  These qualities will naturally unfold as one heals and comes into the higher recognition of this “resident” program and higher culture.  This is an “integrated” method. It is not a six-week, six-month, or even six-year program.  The length of the program is dependent on the progress of each soul and his/her ability to choose a personal program of healing through hard work, compliance and service.  There are many programs.  Everyone is on an individualized program and it is important for one person not to compare him/herself to the individualized program of another.

We expect full cooperation and the assurance of every individual to accept our counsel and his/her specific program whole-heartedly.  This is the only condition that will impress us and give us the level of trust to build this rehabilitation program for your specific needs.  We provide each applicant with a loving family environment.


Resident participants are supported by the presence and example of the members of Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage Service in EcoVillage living and learning pervades every part of daily life and guides the policies and practices of the community and its members.  Working with the earth is a healing principle of the program.


A recognition of the Fatherhood of God and the brother-/sisterhood of humankind provides the spiritual commonality and strength to underscore the effectiveness of the program. The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program aspires to develop people who are prepared to meet the challenges and responsibilities of a God-directed life.

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