Letters of Support for the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program

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"I can personally vouch for the staff of Avalon Organic Gardens. They are responsible, follow through on their projects, and have an innovative outreach and education program. I have been impressed with their willingness to work with young people in mentorships which give the students real life opportunities to assist in running a working farm and ranch. They would benefit from and put to good use any assistance you could provide them."

~ Diane E. Austin, Research Professor
"I really appreciate the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for youth they have designed to help those who have strayed. As a former foster parent, it has been unfortunate to witness how unsuccessful "conventional foster programs" have been here in Arizona to help youth."

~ Belle Starr, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance Deputy Director
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"The opportunity to stimulate youth to think in terms of sustainability and intercultural interaction, personal growth and the development of a true community are specific outcomes not found in many other projects."

~ Baltazar Garcia, Director of Mexicayotl
"I believe that Avalon Organic Gardens has demonstrated its success in mentoring At-Risk Youth. I trust that Avalon Organic Gardens will put any funds invested to very good use to benefit the lives of young people."

~ Susan Kunz, Chief of Health and Wellness of Mariposa Community Health Center
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"In my frequent visits I have observed many young people involved in the daily activities associated with running the farm and ranch. As I have had a chance to personally get to know a number of their staff persons, I can attest they are dedicated in both their pursuits of implementing conservation sponsored agricultural programs as well as in mentoring young persons. I believe anyone considering supporting this organization's efforts can rest assured their funds and resources would be well utilized."

~ Chris Haynes, Soil Conservationist