We set ourselves apart from other treatment programs by offering care for the soul, mind, and body of each individual who seeks care through the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls. We are proud to present the testimony of participants who have gained deeper insight to their internal life and areas they need to grow in during the time they were enrolled in our programs. We hope these testimonials serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement and a reminder that hope and healing are never too far away.
I’m 60 years old and a classic alcoholic who has come to the end of his road. If not for this place, my next move would have been my last: death from bad choices in addiction. I grew up in Connecticut in an upper middle class household with five brothers and sisters. My father, a brilliant man and alcoholic, moved us to Indiana when I was 17. I got a degree at Indiana University and moved to California, where he died at age 53 from acute alcoholism. From there I started a successful 35-year executive career in media with major companies like CNN and NBC Universal. I raised two beautiful children with my then wife, but my growing addiction destroyed all of that. I moved from having a functional life up until my 50s, to eventually having a life of complete despair and hopelessness from these choices. I was stuck and out of control, economically and spiritually bankrupt. By the time I was 58, I was weeks away from homelessness with no clear way out of the situation I had put myself in. My vicious addiction to alcohol and false identity based on material attachments had literally torn my life apart. My anger, fear, and resentments had put me in a Godless life that was dissolving right in front of me. I ended up in a rescue mission in another state. It was there I discovered the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls (PIRP). They graciously accepted me. I thank God for His mercy, compassion, and divine intervention, leading me to this place and program. The PIRP healing ministries saved my life because they literally healed my mind, body, and spirit (soul). I am a hopeless alcoholic when left to myself, in a state of mind of false attachments, addiction, and despair. The PIRP program solved these issues and taught me new ways of thinking that focused on spiritual trust and faith of God our Father. I now have hope and am learning how to ‘Walk in Faith’ with Him. I learn new things every day here. I am more actualized and prospering in new spiritual ways, focusing on serving others — an orientation of service rather than self-assertion; doing what God wants, not what I want. The PIRP ministry has provided me a home with a family of great people who truly care about my wellbeing! The two programs work side by side, supporting all areas in which I need to grow and heal. For me, addiction and homelessness started with wrong thinking and a bad attitude and choices that created a distorted state of mind. The leadership here clearly knows that and have the experience with God to truly heal. I am safe and trust them, getting better each day. I now walk in faith, never to return to the choices I made in the past. I am free, sober, productive, and with a home. With family. I am grateful, to me this place is a miracle. The high road is hard to find, but you will find it here.
Since joining the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls nearly six years ago, I have come to realize that to heal the soul is a commitment and dedication to not only God but to all of my brothers and sisters worldwide. I was a single mom for four years and a holistic practitioner before coming here. I was very much caught up in the, “I’m ok you’re ok syndrome; I can do it, no I don’t need help, I am strong enough.” This was pride for sure and resistance to God wanting to help me on a deeper level. I am slowly letting my guard down because of the love that is given from the entire community. My son is flourishing, now ten years old. I decided to stay on and become an initiate and then a full member of Global Community Communications Alliance. I married a beautiful man who grew up in the community, and he is a wonderful father to my son. Even though I feel that I am in the roots of my rehabilitation process, I can also see the progress I have taken throughout the years here and am growing in patience, being humbled by the many soul patterns I discover throughout my daily life. At first one might not be able to see these patterns so clearly. The world has a way of helping one put up blinders. Here there is just a very “real” reality, eventually seeing and praying to overcome patterns to be more of service and to be a mandated minister in helping others overcome similar issues. The support here from our elders is of such a great significance that it brings much gratitude within my heart after much contemplation, the ongoing submission that must grow within my healing process. I would like to share some of the soul patterns that I have personally. I am in the process of healing extreme insecurity. This takes on the form of jealousy and competitiveness. This is very much an area where I keep my heart hidden from God, so not to reveal too much and accept love in. It causes this insecurity in God and creates many blocks from developing what we call here, personality integration or actualizing my destiny. In interacting with many people here, always being challenged to become more flexible and loving, creating a variety of conflicts to be overcome, I have a hard time forgiving my past and bring my past into current relationships. I then have a hard time forgiving others but mostly of how I resist forgiving myself. God always wants us to start anew. The lower emotional state of fear overrides my mental state and creates a disconnect from the Three fold Spirit within. In those moments I lose faith and a sense of the big picture, God's eternal plan for His daughter to aspire in spiritual stamina and assurance of herself; to walk my walk, talk my talk, and be sincere and honest with my mistakes. I must reconciliate in order to become spiritually stabilized. Coming from the New Age world, I have taken on the relative understanding of how food is the higher healing modality to depend on. Now understanding deeper, it first starts with the Spirit, the physical is not priority. Moderation is always what God intends, as long as you are able to be more moment to moment within His perfect will. Deprivation of any kind is never a true spiritual discipline. Yes we will all be asked to let go of things that do not serve us—physical substances, patterns, people, and agendas—but God is a very giving God, wanting mostly for us to love and surrender, not wanting to be in control. To give up control is very foreign to this world. I am married now, soon to have another child. Now more than ever I see the importance of letting go of control, allowing God to heal and support my every action in life. We call this living in Divine Pattern. Always wanting to be in control causes co-dependence that harms the higher way of being a true complementary pair unit with my husband. Within this higher reality, cohesiveness with all complements is an absolute, in order to achieve purpose and ascension. In closing I'd like to share that being human we often times choose to not see our greatness correctly, but to become great we must be more real with our areas of being less than perfect. Humbleness is the key ingredient for this. Here in Divine Administration, we strive to become perfect as our Creator Christ Michael Jesus is perfect. I choose to become more perfect every day when I choose to change for the common good of all. Thank you for this opportunity to share. May God guide your progress to eternal heights.
I am originally from Encinitas, California and was raised in southern California for about 21 years. If it was not for PIRP, I would be either homeless, in jail, in an asylum, or dead. I have no doubts about these scenarios playing out if I had not found PIRP I have been homeless, I have been addicted to drugs, I have been an alcoholic and a social outcast. I have seen counselors, psychiatrists, ministers, priests. I have been to rehabilitation and support groups, but nothing has ever had any lasting effects other than the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls. This program has helped me to become physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually fit, from the ceaseless work of Minister Dr. Marayeh and her elders. The big struggles that I have faced in my life have been lust of the flesh, delusions of the mind, and the feelings of being a societal outcast. Marketing, media, video games, and movies fed all of these weaknesses of mine. You could say that I was perpetually feeding the black wolf, who was slowly taking over my life to the point that I was unable to function. Jobless, about to be homeless again, with virtually no friends, I was at bottom before the PIRP program began to lift me up. The program has been the wind beneath my wings, and I am truly starting to fly. I am becoming okay with celibacy before marriage, my future visions are becoming realistic and obtainable, and I have over 100 friends—which is a rarity in this day and age. Overall I am becoming happy, peaceful, patient, kind, and generous. Thank you founders Gabriel of Urantia and Niann Emerson Chase!
Being of the “baby-boomer generation,” I am very grateful that the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls was opened up to me. Having no physical substance abuse or addiction, I was bewildered by my years of unstable emotional behavior and negative judgmentalism about nearly every thing and every one. Somehow I managed to survive but eventually found myself feeling empty, unfulfilled, and albeit a “social misfit.” The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls founders, Gabriel of Urantia and Niann Emerson Chase, reviewed my personal background and experience, then selected a counselor (who I often refer to as my PIRP Coach) and developed an individual program for me to follow. I was also invited to participate in one of their biweekly support groups. I have daily and weekly assignments, journaling, and private one-on-one counseling at least weekly (and more whenever I feel the need for an extra boost). In all honesty, I must say that for me the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls is akin to Olympic training – I have never worked so hard on myself and for myself…….ever! I have discovered deep-rooted hidden patterns of jealousy, competitiveness, resentment, and judgmentalness that are ugly, and I am relieved to be getting rid of them. Painful at times, yes; but we all know about “no pain, no gain.” I am learning how these behavior patterns develop and how to overcome them with a spiritualized mind and heart-centered approach. At times, it is temporarily euphoric to recognize when I have made real progress; and I want to share with everyone I know how truly beneficial and healing the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls is! In my bi-weekly group, under the direction of Dr. Marayeh Cunningham, I am surrounded by and supported by many individuals with very different past addictions, abuse, and/or personal traumatic experiences to overcome. We are all relearning and applying the true meanings of the words “love,” “accountability,” “forgiveness,” ”commitment,” and “cohesiveness.” It is an honor to be welcomed by and genuinely accepted by each and every person in the group and those instrumental for the success of the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls. We are dedicated to building a new paradigm for the future – baby boomers, adults, and teens – creating forever friends (which is a song TaliasVan wrote) and developing relationships filled with truth, beauty, goodness, and service to others. Humility is a beautiful state of being, and the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls is the keystone for me. I highly encourage you to inquire about the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls for any one you care about who may need a new lease on life.
My name is Katrina, and I am 30 years old. The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls ministry has helped me in many areas of my life, spiritually and materially. Before coming to live with and be a part of the rehabilitation program I was living in New York, struggling to survive. I worked many different jobs that didn't pay much and was unhappy with all of them. The money I was making was barely enough to keep a roof over my head. At that time, I was also addicted to alcohol and knew I needed to stop drinking. Living here with the religious community has guided me to whom God wants me to be. Here I learn to work for the common good of all, not for self. I am learning a lot about our Universal Father and Christ Michael (Jesus) who is our Creator of our local universe as spoken of in The URANTIA Book. I am also studying Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation (The Cosmic Family volumes), which teaches me about ascension science, cosmic relations, dio (not of God) traits, Deo (of God) traits, and different universes. Now that I have a relationship with God, I continue to stay off alcohol. I live in a beautiful home and am surrounded by people with like mind who want to help others. With the help of God I continue to work here and enjoy what I do. I feel this is my calling and what God wants me to do. Kachein is now 40
My name is Tressie, and I am 41 years old. I have been on a spiritual path most of my life. I explored many religions of various kinds—traditional to nontraditional—with the hope of making a true connection with God; even so, I could not quite get to a true spiritual awakening in my life. Now I'm a member of the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls. I receive spiritual training and education that is lasting. Here I have the opportunity to apply it to my life; true spiritual growth is worth its weight in gold to me. The spiritual path is not an easy one; staying focused and on the right path can be difficult at times. The Elders here have given me much love, guidance, and care-fronting when needed; I am truly grateful to them. I thank God that I have remained here. The spiritual experience I am gaining is helping me to make a difference on a planetary level by making changes within myself. Being raised in foster homes, I never felt like I belonged. Now I have become part of a team of change agents who have a similar vision of helping to right some of the wrongs of this planet. My talents are being more used, and I am a part of a musical band called The Change Agents Band—something I only dreamed about before I came here.
My name is Eagle and I am currently on the PIRP program. I joined this program to actualize into my God given personality and achieve a higher state of psychospiritual growth. Before joining this amazing program, I was consumed by greed, selfishness, and anger. Now I have the opportunity to heal from the false ways that I was taught growing up. Ever since joining the PIRP, I have been more at peace within my soul, and with the loving support from the counselors, I have been able to face my past with courage, forgiveness and love. The PIRP program is essential for people seeking true healing from the brokenness that was caused by the unfortunate circumstances of life. The trauma that is caused by these circumstances occurs not only on a physical level but also on a mindal, and psychospiritual level. The PIRP program provides trustworthy counselors that speak to the mind, heart, and soul of the participant to help guide them through the inner journey of healing by leading them Godward. I am truly blessed to have found such a unique program as this.
Since the program started, I have much more self-worth, am more conscious when my lower patterns of not being real play out, and react more with kindness and love. I also stop and pray more. I so desperately needed help from PIRP. I couldn't do it on my own. In my daily walk with God, there are moments I allow my "self" to be in control. The lessons given are tests from God helping me to become whole in my higher self and finding my higher purpose in life. It is a humbling awareness striving to be an ongoing overcomer. Being a service to others helped me to stay on the path. This has enriched my life so much. What a great opportunity to help change the world by changing myself. My spiritual recognition that sets PIRP apart from other programs is that it is personal for each person. It has a board of directors that are mandated elders who bring in God concepts and set higher goals. Counseling sessions are also provided when needed. In my process of growing spiritually, this program has given me more faith and trust in my elders.
It's been a year since I began my PIRP program. Never before in my life have I received counseling and guidance of this caliber that is borne out of love and compassion, for the highest good of my soul. Based on my life experiences from early childhood on through to adulthood, the past choices that I have made, good and bad habits that I have formed, my PIRP program has been tailored to fit my personal needs and address the root causes of my personality conflicts. The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls, coupled with an inspiring environment and supportive community that cultivates personal growth, has allowed me to learn higher ways of handling lifes challenges, made me more accountable for my inner life, generated a peaceful joy in my heart and has given me renewed zest for life, the value of which exceeds any material payment.
I believe the PIRP is the answer to my lifelong prayers for soul purification and destiny fulfillment. On this program, I have learned that I am addicted to being right, which causes me to be downright delusional about my own behavior at times. Also that avoiding honest examination of my faults and mistakes disconnects me from God and makes me unreal. In addition, it has become clear that my God given personality is capable of tremendous love and responsibility for others. Personality integration is a journey of creating healthy relationships. Cooperation with the PIRP puts us on track with Godly purpose within a wholesome lifestyle. It is a completely cultural experience that manifests total healing. No matter how broken we have become, the divine circuitry of God can easily mend if we choose to be liberated by the blessings of humility.
It's the caliber and quality of counselors and their level of discernment which characterizes and distinguishes the PIRP. The Director Gabriel, and others of the staff, can read and guide each individual better than anyone I know exists. By helping others see their own hidden obstacles they empower and liberate individuals to find their actualization, security and peace. I love the staff. They are here for me. They are spiritual counterparts who aid me daily. I have been assisted in developing my discernment and understanding of myself and others and have been shown how to integrate better with others from many walks of life and varied perspectives. Hats off to the PIRP. I hope many can walk into a higher life in a higher light through this advanced ministry and resources.
When I was welcomed into the PIRP, I felt very lost. I couldn’t look many people in the eye and would often deal with challenges by hiding away. I didn’t realize I had an eating disorder that I was in denial about and I needed support for many coping mechanisms I carried for anxiety and grief I held onto and past hurts. Instead of trying to medicate me or label me as bipolar manic depressive, I was given opportunities to heal and to become healthy. I found myself in a beautiful home with a loving atmosphere where others all shared a goal of helping me to see my God-given personality and who had consistent higher expectations for me to uphold. I was encouraged to let go of feelings of being trapped, and to find hope in pursuing artistic passions and to learn many different areas of interest and in meaningful work. I feel spiritually uplifted and feel a sense of purpose in my life. I am often able to work outdoors. I am now confident and trusting in relationships and I am now feeling deeply connected to others, no longer feeling alone in the world and I have found family. Most of all I am learning to find serenity and finding the change within myself by helping others and I am still learning to integrate the lessons I have learned from the PIRP as they are of eternal value, and lifelong.
PIRP has saved me many years of wrong choices, heartache, and floundering in the maze of all the selfish pursuits this world has to offer. It has helped me begin to grow within myself the tools for true freedom as a cosmic citizen — to benefit and bless others. I am certain being in this program has extended my life in many ways, from enabling me to overcome many addictive behaviors (both before and after they developed into serious problems), as well as giving me hope and a vision of the future in which I could become a positively contributing member of society. It has allowed me to find meaningful vocation without having to serve a system of greed and capitalism, and to begin to truly look within myself at what I need to change as the 1st & most important step in fostering & creating radical global change, rather than being simply a combatant against oppression. Through the PIRP's extensive agricultural programs, I have developed competence with many skills which I would never otherwise have learned, as well as a love for the earth and our responsibility for good stewardship as citizens of this world. I have developed many close, positive lifelong friendships and satisfying partnerships with a diverse group of high quality people from around the globe, including my wife & high spiritual complement, and we are now expecting our 1st child. So, along with this brief endorsement of this program, I would like to extend my gratitude to the founders, counselors, & staff of this uniquely effective program which I was very blessed to attend, for their love, compassion, and giving hearts of service and strength.
As a young child living on the beach with my mother in Hawaii, I began a lifetime of feeling lost in a materialistic society that made no sense to me. Throughout my formative years, no matter where I lived — whether in Southern Georgia where I moved to at a young age, or in the mountains of Wyoming where I often spent parts of the year — I found I could not deal with the impersonal educational system that was basically the same everywhere. Feeling more at home in nature and struggling with an alcoholic stepfather, I sought counseling at a young age but became more disconnected as a young teenager as I was at that time given a diagnosis of bipolar and put on medication. Always having sense of destiny and higher purpose, I eventually found the genuine ministry and service of the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls. I have since gained self-esteem based on love and service for others and the value of giving of one's self to serve another. Thanks to the love and care of both the Personality Integration Rehabilitation and the Homeless Is Not My Choice programs, I have also learned that solving many of the problems I have faced in life must start from looking within. My strengthened sense of service and purpose has helped me to use the valuable skills and vocational training I have received to now bless others. I now have a beautiful family and benefit from the regular personal and group counseling and many opportunities provided put into practice in an eco-village and sustainable living community. I can honestly say that this saved my life and has been invaluable to to me as I've evolved into a school teacher, artist, singer, cook, and actualizing human being who has found much hope and vision for the future.
The Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls has helped me to recognize those things within me that are non-benificial to myself and to those around me. It has given me the tools to overcome childish tendancies, and to strive for the maturity of a Godly man. Over the years I have observed the growth in all participants in the program. It allows us to find who we really are, in a safe and spiritually-stimulating environment. The personal attention given to each member of the program is out of this world. I doubt there is another program that is so all encompassing in the care of the body, mind and soul.
Since enrolling in the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls and being on this spiritual program, I’ve learned the value of becoming who I truly am—not who the one percent wants me to be: fake and to put on a mask. I have learned from being here that "finding myself" is okay. I have learned to say to myself, “Make mistakes but do not make the same ones over again.” It is the process of growing. Growing up on the streets you learn to do what you have to to survive. Lord knows that I had to learn the "tricks of the trade" to get what I needed/wanted; in this I have made so many mistakes thinking it was okay. It has been a healing process of unraveling the person behind the mask. With being confused, suicidal, depressed, feeling out of place in this chaotic world, for the longest time I have felt so ugly about the person I have become. Having the beautiful counselors and elders of PIRP to guide me and show me how to become transparent in my day to day life has allowed me to find my Safe Haven in the midst of my storm. There is a bible quote that I always look to it says: “There is beauty in the aftermath.”
Fear, grief, and depression gripped my heart and led me to destructive ways of coping, through unhealthy eating, alcohol abuse, and negative thinking, which led me into even deeper despair before my elders reached out with great love and compassion to assist me through the Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls (PIRP). I had everything I could ever dream for— a loving, Godly man as my husband, four beautiful and healthy children, work that fulfills my mind and spirit, a spiritual walk that I believe in— yet due to my own lower patterns of selfishness and self-pity, ingratitude, entitlement, and jealousies, I allowed my lower self to take over and not see these great blessings in my life. My soul is so grateful for this personalized program, designed with my highest interests in mind to integrate all parts of my being— physical, mental, and spiritual—to become a whole person and unfold into my destiny.

I am now beginning to see more clearly these deep patterns in my soul that need to come into alignment with God's true purpose for my life and finding healing through the tools provided in my program, which include:

— daily counseling from elders and ministers
— a wholistic program of service
— reading inspiring books and discovering the gift of writing
— physical healing through organic, healthy foods and exercise
— opportunity for deep reflection and evening spiritual classes that enrich my thought life
— fellowship with like-minded people and abundant opportunity for meaningful and uplifting conversations

All these things fill my soul with spiritual food, when I have so long tried to fill these with things that may feel good temporarily, but ultimately cause more damage to my soul. The healing framework provided by the PIRP on the campus of The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion is truly life-saving and I believe with all my heart that this caliber of rehabilitation is the highest to be found on the planet. The founders of this program, Gabriel of Urantia and Niánn Emerson Chase, and the board of elders, not only have university degrees but have dedicated their lives to the service of humanity and can fully understand and assist in overcoming our human struggles.

For the first time in my life, I am beginning the transformation of the caterpillar, slowly emerging into the tender butterfly that will flutter it's wings in true freedom by finding my beloved Creator in a deeper way.

Being a part of the PIRP has been a life changing experience. In my own life I've learned that one of the biggest problems in emotional and spiritual healing is getting the patient to see that they have an illness, and that the problem is oneself. Sometimes, oftentimes, it takes tough love to break through layers of blindness and obstinacy and the unwillingness to deal with oneself in the way that one needs to in order to become whole and healthy.

The PIRP enables its participants to go through "The Dark Night of the Soul" where a spiritual re-alignment can take place and the personality can be pieced back together in the image that God originally intended. It's not just a rehab program for substance addictions, but a program where circumstances are created in one's life that directly confront the problems created by wrong thinking and maladjustment to reality that is causing pain and suffering and is leading to disease and death. In my own life, I have had continual difficulty in seeing the things I've needed to see in order to change them, and so it's taken a lot of pain and disappointment to even begin to see what I need to see at the level I need to, however, this would have been impossible to do without the spiritual support structure of the PIRP and its associated team of counselors who have been there in their own lives and know how to tread the path of rehabilitation with those participants who are uniquely blessed to be a part of it.


Currently, I’m on my second time through this wonderful Personality Integration Rehabilitation Program for Starseed and New Souls (PIRP). Not that the first time around didn’t work – it did. It was me that didn’t (do the) work. The first time I was in this program I learned a lot about myself, who I truly was (at least I thought so) and was given the opportunity to grow into my destiny. I was able to give up all drugs I used to consume such as marihuana, crystal meth, cocaine, freebase, heroin, and nicotine (which was surprisingly the hardest to give up). Through this holistic, and perhaps soulistic, approach I wasn’t only able to give up substance abuse, but I did not even crave or think about doing it in the last 9 years.

These are, of course, the more obvious addictions. Then there are the more hidden addictions that can also be self-destructive, such as food, anger, resentments, fear, and lusting, which is why I found myself in the PIRP thankfully for a second time. In this safe and protected environment, there seems to be no end as to how deep you can go with it as long as you are willing to grab that outstretched hand. Here we call this, or how our co-founder Gabriel of Urantia calls it – Soul Surgery.